Fundraising with Restaurant Nights

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Many restaurants offer some non profit groups in a popular way to fund raise the "Restaurant Night" fund raisers. The restaurant gives a group of percentage for the sales on a designated night to all the customers where your organization brings the business. A restaurant night fundraiser virtually requires no plan and a very little investment from your group. If the restaurant should provide a coupon to be presented for the group to receive credit.

Why does a restaurant participate and encourage the fundraiser?

1. Generally it makes the restaurant look good and provides the community to enhances their corporate image.

2. It easily fills the restaurant on a slow night.

3. They can introduce people to the restaurant.

Be aware that the chain and franchise restaurants are available for the fund raising. The fundraiser varies from restaurant to restaurant, even within the same restaurant. Many locally owned restaurants are eager to host the restaurant night fundraiser. There are better deal than the chains and franchise. In most of the restaurant, the member of your nonprofit group have a personal connection to the owner, operator, manager, or worker and offers a better deal.

Holding a successful restaurant night fundraiser:

The secret of having a successful restaurant night fundraiser varies to each organization. You must advertise to your members and make sure they show up. Then ensure a large turnout by attending the restaurant nights.

Many restaurants will allow the members to work behind the counter during your restaurant. This can be especially effective for the schools when the familiar faces of teachers, staff, and administrators are encouraging the members to spend more by upgrading to a special meal.

Sometimes the restaurant allows to set up an area to inform the public and solicit donations through the donation box by the cash register. A popular method is to ask the customers to donate the change and they receive back from their meal purchase to your cause. Generally there are many variables to consider while choosing a restaurant to host the fundraiser:

  1. The percentage for the group. Generally the Local restaurants tend do donate higher percentages while chains and franchises moves toward the low side. Usually the range is between 10 and 25%.
  2. Some of the local restaurants agree to a week long promotion, but usually it is limited to one day or night.
  3. Then obviously, the hours which available for the income.
  4. Is it limited to just my group? we receive a percentage from everyone who dines during our time period?
  5. The drive through is available for the income from the sales.
  6. The members work behind the counter or as a celebrity servers.
  7. Then set up an informational display and solicit funds during the restaurant nights.

A restaurant night is a popular fundraiser for small groups like school PTO/PT As, scout groups, sports teams, and other groups with a preferable member base but few volunteers. The potential for large profits from this fundraiser are likely to provide a steady source of income for your group with a very little effort.

Make sure to rotate your restaurants fundraiser for the best results!

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Fundraising with Restaurant Nights

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This article was published on 2010/11/20